Professional testing
on a lie detector
with result accuracy up to 99%


All specialists are certified

Detailed assessment of testing the auditee

blankAll tests are conducted confidentially

What are we professionals

The list of our services includes:


Conducting psychophysiological research


Determination of aptitude of applicants


Help in official proceedings


Personnel selection of personnel, scheduled inspections of employees


Conducting psychological counseling


Knowledge and application of the latest lie detection techniques


We are a team of specialists in the field of polygraph examination and verification, our work experience is more than 10 years. During our long service, we managed to prove many injustices, catch hundreds of criminals and more than once assisted in other official investigations.

Lie detector test is psychological research and complex psychophysiological actions on a polygraph, with the aim of detecting deception. Each of our specialists has a psychological education and the necessary knowledge to conduct an analysis with an accuracy of 99%. We cooperate with both individuals and companies.

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Our team


blankResult quality

When working with our specialists, you get a high-quality result, which means that we guarantee the accuracy of our detectors in operation. We are confident that we are able to satisfy all the wishes of the customer, even the most demanding one.


Only the best equipment

Our experts use the best lie detectors: RUBICON (Rubicon lie detector), LAFAYETTE, AXCITON, KRIS. We also have all the necessary documentation and certificates for work.


We work confidentially

All information obtained during the procedure remains deeply confidential and is not disclosed to third parties. If necessary, a non-disclosure agreement can be signed.

blankExperts in their profile

Due to our narrow specialization, we are professionals in the field of polygraph examinations. Lie detector testing, as well as training new specialists, is our main task, so we have managed to study this area very well for a long service life.


Speed and efficiency

There are times when speed is important in the investigation, namely the disclosure of a “fresh” crime. We help to quickly and efficiently cope with this task and many others.


Flexible payment

Our clients are allowed different systems and payment options, depending on the situations of events or investigations. In any case, you can be sure that we meet our clients halfway.

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Need to prove a person’s guilt or innocence? Find out the truth or recognize a lie? The lie detector copes with these and other tasks. Modern equipment and a professional polygraph examiner can become faithful assistants in business, family relationships and even crime investigation.

The employees of our company are qualified specialists working on the latest generation polygraphs that meet the generally accepted standard DSTU 8692: 2016. Our equipment is equipped with particularly sensitive sensors and elements that monitor human behavior. This technology allows the most efficient and accurate research. The combination of an experienced polygraph examiner and quality equipment leaves no chance of cheating.


The main goal is to fully fulfill the tasks of our clients. In realizing this goal, we take care of:

  • Creation of the most comfortable conditions;
  • Possibilities of conducting an on-site lie detector test;
  • Complete confidentiality of the information received;
  • Objectivity and reliability of research;
  • Restoration of violated justice.

Thanks to this responsible approach, we are trusted by many structures in Kiev – the owners of large companies, recruiting agencies, recruiting services, banking organizations, security services, law enforcement agencies, lawyers and citizens.


  • Narrow specialization: our main areas of activity are lie detector testing and training of the polygraph examiner profession;
  • Fast speed of work and operational communication 24/7, because we are convinced: you need to work “in hot pursuit”;
  • We work only for the result, because we answer specifically posed questions and are able to fulfill the requests of even the most demanding clients;
  • Flexible payment for services, since we provide for several methods of transferring funds, and our pricing policy varies from a specific type of research and additional wishes of the customer;
  • Legality, because we have all the necessary permits and technical documents to carry out our activities.

Therefore, if you want to know the truth, cast aside all doubts and find the culprit, you 100% need to contact us. Order a lie detector test in Kiev right now on the most weekend conditions.